In this new batch of Fre$h‘s music he remixes a few new Hip-Hop joints like R.I.C.O, All Day, 56 Nights and others. Fre$h continues to do what he has been doing so well and that is motivate his listeners while also displaying his skills as an MC. Fre$h raps over beats that most listeners will be familiar with but he shows what he can do with his flows by changing the flow from the flow of the original track. His voice is also so distinct that he can remix these songs and really make them his own, a skill that not many artists have.  All of these songs can be played at a club or a party and the whole room would go crazy. The crowd will already be familiar with the beats but they will be impressed to see what another rapper can do to it. You can hear the progression of Fre$h with this new batch. His lyrics are holding more emotion and many of these songs being freestyles you can hear what Fre$h can do as a raw rapper. Not worrying as much about choruses and melodies Fre$h seriously proves that he has bars and his skills should be respected.

Signing out, thank you for reading and God bless!

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